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Journey to Hope cincinnati aging parents


It keeps us moving forward.

Get a fresh perspective on your path to whole-hearted living.


About Journey to Hope

What we offer is unique. We are the only organization that provides a broad range of coaching groups in the Cincinnati region. This is precisely why people will travel upwards of 50 miles to participate in our programs. Journey to Hope has served hundreds with over 40 different coaching programs. We will continue to serve Cincinnati with excellence and a heart to reach people, change lives, and support them in growing into their ideal selves.

About Journey to Hope Cincinnati Coaching Groups

Our Coaching Groups

Journey to Hope provides coaching groups focused on emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual well-being. The groups are offered on a sliding scale, from free to a nominal charge, and all are open to anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area. To find the group for you, read more about our programs on Emotional Well-Being,  Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Spiritual Well-Being.

Journey to Hope Cincinnati Coaching Groups

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