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Interested In Being Our New CEO?

For the last few years, Journey to Hope has been working on succession planning and we are now ready to begin our search for our next CEO. We would like to have a new CEO in place by June 1st.

We are excited about the continual growth of Journey to Hope. Our organization works to make an impact by not just doing hundreds of small groups to reach more people, but to make a refined impact that focuses on local issues within our larger community. Journey to Hope has set the new Gold Standard across our region by providing coaching for those who seek solutions to diverse and unique issues.




POSITION SUMMARY: The Chief Executive Officer, using strong fundraising, networking and visionary skills, is responsible for creating the framework, structure, outreach, funding, staffing model and programs to achieve the mission, vision and strategic direction of JtH. 


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors



A. Development and Fundraising 

  • Identify and procure funds needed to meet the budget and strategic vision.

  • Identify the goals, strategies and framework for the annual fundraising plan, including planned and unplanned gifts, grants and events.

  • Leverage relationships and partnerships in the community to enhance JtH’s standing and name recognition and overall brand awareness.

  • Utilize marketing and social media to connect with ideal demographics and expose them to JtH’s messaging. 

  • Achieve JtH’s image as the gold standard in the Cincinnati community for small group coaching.


B.  Strategic      

  • Provide vision, leadership, and strategic insight to the board and EOS for fulfilling Journey to Hope’s mission and new strategic direction, utilizing input from multiple sources, including all board members.

  • Assist in expanding board membership and board committees to add needed areas of expertise.

  • Establish structure for coordinating between new sites to ensure smooth communications, consistency, and reduce redundancy.

  • Attend meetings, conferences, review literature and confer with other organizations to maintain current knowledge of the thinking, issues and people influencing issues important to our organization’s mission. 

  • Establish and foster collegial relationships with all entities where JtH serves, to perceive ongoing needs and issues within those organizations.

  • Increase the number of programs offered and number of participants served by 20% each year in the first five years.

  • Create and implement a strategy for effective and ongoing program evaluation within the first twelve months.

  • Increase earned income by 50% in the first five years.


C. Visionary 

  • Lead EOS team in L10 meetings and strategic planning process.

  • Create framework for JtH to successfully transform to a multi-location model by 2026.

  • Create and demonstrate a compelling value proposition to the community and to funders.

  • Assist in building new curricula in emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial well-being that reflects the needs and interests of people within the communities we serve.


D. Administrative

  • Create a staffing model that is programmatically and financially sustainable.

  • Oversee the proper execution of operations for the organization. 

  • Identify and assemble the staff needed to successfully carry out the organization’s programs and support its mission. Hire and coach staff members as necessary.

  • Propose annual budgets for the organization’s operations and programmatic activities

  • Ensure that the organization operates within the financial parameters set by the board and monitor monthly financial transactions. 


E. Programming

  • Provide oversight and guidance on the development of the curricula and program materials for small groups, coordinate programs (e.g., support groups; classes; seminars; workshops), and continually evaluate and research new programming and partnerships that fosters the organization’s mission.  

  • Convene and lead staff discussions as needed regarding strategic, operational and tactical issues. 

  • Oversee recruitment and training of new coaches and volunteers who meet JtH standards.


F. Representation and Accountability

  • Advance the mission and image of the organization by serving as the chief representative of the organization to all stakeholders, including the board, staff, donors and/or members of the media and the general public.

  • Oversee the design and when appropriate develop (or review) reports, publications, presentations, articles and other communications (e.g., Web-based and other media) to disseminate and promote the organization’s activities.

  • Report regularly to the board on the activities of the organization and progress toward meeting strategic objectives.

  • Identify issues and policies that require the action of the board.

  • Meet with the chairperson of the board before each board meeting to structure and guide the upcoming board meeting, allowing the opportunity for discussion and input.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree with focus on fundraising desired.

  • Proven fundraising experience in nonprofits over a two- to three-year period.

  • High level of functioning with technology and software.



  • The Executive Director’s annual performance review will be conducted by the board of directors at the end of each year. In addition to submitting a personal statement assessing recent achievements and future goals, the Director may be asked to provide two letters of support from different people he/she has worked with over the year.  


Journey to Hope is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable federal or state laws.


You can send your resume or contact us here to the attention of Mr. Dale Elliot, our Board Chairman. We look forward to speaking with you: 

(513) 931-5777

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