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Northminster Presbyterian Church commissioned a long-range planning team in 1995 to “dream dreams” and “see visions” (based on Joel 2:28). This led to the development of what was to be called the “Family Life Center” (FLC), allowing Northminster to serve individuals and families in crisis or transition.

Three years later our current location was purchased. By September 2000, the first group “Grief,” was offered, with the second offering, “Divorce,” following suit in November. In January 2000, an explosion of groups began, covering a multitude of life’s transitions: “Caregiving,” “Cancer,” “Single Parenting, “Boundaries with Kids,” “Weight Loss,” and “MOPS” [Mothers of Preschoolers].

A volunteer force of about 100 people joined together to implement the new offerings, and in 2008, Diane Kinsella became the director – a role she leads to this day. In March 2015 Journey to Hope was born as the ministry converted into an inter-dependent 501(c)3 organization. While the program itself has changed over the years, we are continually working to meet the needs of the Greater Cincinnati community.

 Journey to Hope shifted its entire program into coaching groups – largely due to Diane Kinsella’s training as an International Coaching Federation certified coach, in addition to a growing awareness of the appeal/acceptance of coaching as a practice.


Journey to Hope’s vision for the future includes more partnerships with other organizations, including the possibility of “taking our show on the road” to other locations which is why we created EMERGE by Journey to Hope which helps equip people with the tools to grow into their best selves in and out of the workplace.

Finally, what we offer is unique. We are the only support/coaching provider with a continuum of care in one organization and location in the Cincinnati region. This is precisely why people will travel upwards of 50 miles to participate in our programs. Journey to Hope has served hundreds with over 40 different coaching programs. We will continue to serve Cincinnati with excellence and a heart to reach people, change lives, and support them in growing into their ideal selves.

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